Alexa K Ellis



My interest in design and the arts developed very early on beginning at home. I was raised in a home where art and design not only became our lives but also a means of income and personal expression. Traveling the world, and visiting over twenty countries, often our focus was art. Wherever we were, we saw the local art, design, and architecture and learned to appreciate it firsthand. As a result of these experiences,  I’ve learned to see the world through a very creative lens. I always have an open eye for art and design in every place I visit and everything I see.

I continuously dabble in different mediums and would consider my work to be mixed media. My current focus is on combining a traditionally framed canvas with light and cut outs. By “breaking” the canvas, it is my way of rejecting the traditional conforms of art and what makes a painting “art”. Each piece has its own harmonious relationship with color, light, and the shapes that are cut out.